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In a world dominated by superficiality and facades, it becomes a challenge to truly see and understand people for who they are beneath the surface. We often hide behind layers, shielding our true selves and souls from the world.


However, in my intuitive artwork, a remarkable reversal occurs. As I add layer upon layer, line upon line, and shape upon shape, my characters and scenes come alive, unveiling themselves in the process.


Many of my characters gaze directly into the viewer's eyes, yearning for connection and longing to be seen. Others portray the struggle and pursuit of meaningful connections, not always achieving success. By allowing my characters to reveal their vulnerability, I invite viewers to embrace their own authenticity, flaws, wounds, and imperfections. They will find solace in the vibrant colors and symbols of love, hope, and faith that pervade my work.


My ultimate goal is for people to recognize the beauty in their own brokenness. I want them to understand that there is always room to grow, bloom, and continue their unique stories, as indicated by the ellipsis symbol that frequently appears in my art. In essence, my artwork serves as an invitation to explore the depths of the human experience, fostering connection, empathy, and the realization that our stories are ever-evolving.

One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well.

- Vincent Van Gogh 


Lesley Perilleux is a Dutch-speaking artist based in Belgium with a background in interior architecture, fashion and teaching. While she has always been creative, it wasn't until 2018 that she began translating her visions onto paper and canvas.


As a neurodivergent individual, Lesley perceives and processes life through a unique lens. Looking for genuine connections with others while struggling to recognize and interpret emotions, she prefers depth over superficial chitchat.


Although her world presents challenges and she often faces misunderstanding and ridicule due to her differences, a resilient and positive force propels her forward and enables her to perceive the inherent goodness in everything.


Her loves include her family, flowers, stormy day clouds, the scent of rain, poetry, fairytales, Belgian chocolates, and fries. She finds joy in feeling a sense of belonging.


Her passions encompass a wide range of subjects, including color, fashion, inclusion, and mental health. She has a deep appreciation for art in all its forms and constantly strives to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. Lesley maintains unwavering faith in people, in herself and the unfolding of her journey. Love, she believes, holds the greatest power, and she trusts that things will align as they should.


Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of her artistry, Lesley Perilleux's perspective and unwavering hope inspire all who encounter her unique vision.

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